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3 years ago
I fucking love goth girls but they scare me. They could tempt me into doing things I wouldn’t normally do and would prob be ashamed of. But god damnit I would at least love the chance. That fuckin black lip stick is a whole other level of sexy
The IRS 1 year ago
Nigg pay yo taxes
Cindy 3 years ago
The guy has cool tattoos
3 years ago
What’s with the tat
Cake finder 2 years ago
Damn both of them have cake
Lmfao 3 years ago
She has that "LEAVE ME ALONE! IM ON MY PERIOD!!!" face.
Yee 2 years ago
His leg tattoo was dope af tbh
Mad karen 2 years ago
He riped her fishnets, im pissed
Mightnight 3 years ago
I would love to make love to her and keep her as my girlfriend
Isabella grace melson 3 years ago
So fucking sexy!!!